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Jan 23, 2018  Reproduction Steps: 1. Open User's project 2. Build to iOS 3. Notice that build failed. Errors: DXT1 compressed texturesJan 22, 2014 Hi, I try to export a project to ipad3, but I've problems with the DDS generated in DXT3, the unity compilation crash and console show DXT3 not unity3d dds ios

Unfortunately, DDS Texture Loader is no longer available. This package has been deprecated from the Asset Store. This means that new purchases of the package are not allowed and that only users who already purchased or downloaded the package before it was deprecated, are allowed to download it.

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I see that Unity supports dds, but when trying to use a cubemap. dss it appears to treat it as a single texture only? Unity Texture Compression (Android and iOS) Unity3d Tips is not endorsed by Unity Technologies and doesn't reflect their views or opinions or anyone officiallyunity3d dds ios This version supports: iOS Get the plugin version for Desktop and Android. Download the free PopcornFX Editor here.

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unity3d. com; Version: 2018. 2 iOS 2D Texture Overrides. More info See in Glossary specific to iOS Apples mobile operating system. unity3d dds ios Jul 06, 2010 How tp create a material from a dds texture from within an editor script. Jan 23, '13 texture Do unity3d support dds? Dec 6, '11 image unity3d. com; Version: 2018. 2 Features currently not supported by Unity iOS. Graphics. Features restricted to Unity iOS Pro License. This tutorial was last tested on 18 May 2016, using Unity and Xcode 7. 3# # Introduction In this lesson, were going to build a sample Unity project to an iOS