Android foldersync timestamp

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May 16, 2018  We continually strive to make FolderSync better and we add new features and fix bugs. We have fixed OneDrive Business connection and issues on AndroidThis question may be slightly longwinded, but is open for many suggestions. Problem Statement: We have several API level 8 (Android 2. 2) MyTouch devices that we will be using for recording accele android foldersync timestamp

Feb 17, 2016 General Google Drive Sync Apps? The problem I see with FolderSync is that the person who Can you confirm or deny the timestamp changes

android foldersync timestamp

May 15, 2015 So I have to cp a in Android if I have to maintain folder ts, ES Explorer keeps timestamp on external SD card where it can write XDA Developers was A community for users of the FolderSync app for Android. FolderSync @ Google. FolderSync 1. saying local file timestamp missing& 2. remote file timestampandroid foldersync timestamp Mar 28, 2016  1. 1 Yes and no. BTSync preserver files (but not folders) mtime on all OSes except Android. On Android itself mtime may be reset to current time by OS

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Pulling the archive would change the archive file's timestamp, but contents would be preserved asis, and restored with their original timestamps. This could be done either from a terminal app, or via adb shell. android foldersync timestamp Android Get Current timestamp? Here's a humanreadable time stamp that may be used in a Browse other questions tagged android timestamp or ask your own FolderSync sometimes sync files that havent changed. Why? FolderSync compares the lastmodified timestamps on the local and the remote file when the option to overwrite older files in a folderpair is set. If the targetfile is older, it is overwritten by the sourcefile. However, on some Android devices there is a bug in the operating system that makes setting the timestamp of the local file fail. Thus, at the next sync check, typcially when using twoway sync, FolderSync sees that the cloud and local file have different timestamps, and thus syncs the file again.