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2019-08-24 01:00

Some BT internet users are experience issues connecting their box to the internet for the first time due to the way the BT Infinity router blocks new wireless devices automatically. This can mean that you get script errors within Kodi, or some apps that rely on the internet do not respond.Nov 14, 2014 Free BT sports when you have Bt infinity broadband bt infinity blocking android box

May 07, 2014 Please can anyone tell me if the BT Home Hub blocks content on the Android TV boxes and if so what can i change in the hub settings to allow all content. My HH2 doesn't block anything (well it does, but nothing TV related). However there are some minor limitations with its wifi that don't apply to

bt infinity blocking

If you have BT as your internet supplier you will need to disable parental control or you will be limited to what you can watch. Information how to do it is HERE. Also after you have followed the above information to disable the parental controls online with BT you must also open a browser on your Smart TV box when you first install it and go to a Re: BT Infinity Homehub 5& Android TV streaming device Go to solution This thread is a year old and the OP has not been back sincebt infinity blocking android box How to Fix UK ISP Kodi Issues This guide shows you how you can disable certain features on UK ISP Broadband Providers who block Kodi and stop it from working as it should. Includes BT, Sky, EE, TalkTalk, Virgin, PlusNet, Vodafone

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You will no doubt have seen lots of references to remove ISP blocking on social media sites in response to various problems people bt infinity blocking android box HELP! HELP! ! HELP! ! ! Have just chenged my ISP from sky to bt infinity fiber optic with this hub5. My Android streaming tv device (xbmc box) will not connect to server. the Bt Hub is blocking this device from connecting to its server none of the movie or any channel at all is working. Jul 25, 2014 Hi jm tottally new to this. I have the mx android box jail broken xbmc. I have just had bt infinity installed running at max speed apart from on my mx box i did a speed test and it only runs at 10 mbps, so all my programmes iam tryimg to watch have buffering probs, anybody know what i could do to Apr 02, 2017  Watch video  Kodi hit by 'largest ever' crackdown thousands to be blocked from the popular service KODI and other streaming users will be blocked from popular live torrents as the Premier League engages in